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Senior Marketing Copywriter

We're seeking special someone that can transform dry copy into compelling, fun, and effective sales copy for high-tech products. Our company is currently managing accounts for five clients. We have an office in Georgetown and we are looking to hire the best web copywriter out there.

Local area candidates only. This position requires reporting to a local office so out of state applicants would be required to relocate without financial assistance.


  • Work closely with the Creative Director to develop and establish a branded tone for our clients
  • Create high quality copy for popular product websites
  • Write web copy that is appealing to humans and search engines (SEO) at the same time
  • Create and maintain blogs for 5 products
  • Create copy guidelines and standards
  • Continuously refresh tone and improve the level of copy for our brands
  • Strive for clear and engaging communication with both B2B and B2C demographics
  • Be a copy and brand mentor as the new tone is applied to new work


  • Working with the head of Director of Marketing, you will focus on copy and content on dozens of product websites and blogs.
  • You will also help develop technical instructions and print materials
  • Collaborate closely with the Creative Team on various projects
  • Review, proofread and write copy to support marketing campaigns, mobile applications, website, collateral, and new products
  • Generate new ideas for testing copy on the various web properties, mobile applications, and email communications.
  • Assess and inventory current site content, and rewrite copy as necessary
  • Attend brainstorms and contribute innovative ideas

Qualifications You Have:

  • A portfolio demonstrating insanely great creativity
  • A passion for great ideas
  • Have the ability to develop conceptual ideas that align with the overall Creative Team strategy and communicate them through creative writing
  • A degree in English, Journalism, Communication or a related field preferred
  • Minimum 2 years copywriting and editing experience
  • Experience in web and new web strategies such as infographics
  • The ability to multi-task and support multiple teams as needed (sometimes daily, sometimes hourly)
  • Can work with or without direction
  • Know that being part of an innovative culture means constantly shifting priorities – and you're okay with that
  • Possess an outstanding attention to detail
  • Don't take criticism of your writing personally and are always open to input on how to make a zingy line zingier.

Why you want to join this company

  • Ability to make a real difference in the company's success
  • Less strict policies about working hours and days off. Will consider allowing remote work up to two days per week
  • Full-time Salary: $25,000 - $65,000 depending on experience + potential bonuses for quality and timely work product
  • Full-Time or Part-time available
  • Potential to work from home 1-2 days per week
  • All of our employees get power adjustable desks that allow you to work standing or sitting
  • This position is based in Georgetown, named the #2 city in the country to live and launch by CNN Money